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We offer customized solutions that go far beyond the distribution of materials.


We optimize all processes throughout the product life cyclefrom the design phasethrough to production and its final management.


Consulting and training

Our team of consultants and experts will advise youto maximize the capabilities of our materials applied to your projects.

Our consulting service extends through all the work phases required by the project, from the choice of materials to the production and assembly of the final parts.



We translate your idea or creative concept to a 3D design, and then develop the cutting files and assembly instructions.

You will be able to produce your project anywhere in Spain or Europe independently or with help if necessary.



We connect you with the best printers in your area so that, either directly or through us, your project is ready when you need it.

Our network of partners prints, cuts and assembles your projects anywhere. Easily and without complications. Wherever you need it.


End to end

Northern Design is a connecting hub within the ecosystem of visual communication and ephemeral architecture.

We offer you an integral and personalized service guaranteeing the maximum performance of our materials, from the careful selection of our suppliers to the production of your final piece.

With our "turnkey" service we offer solutions to all your project needs, from design to assembly, where and when you decide.

Work process

Our expert team will accompany you at every stage of the project,from start to finish.

Our work methodology is based on personalized attention to the client during all phases of the process.


Consultingabout the product

In our contact meeting, we will show you all the possibilities offered by our materials to carry out your project.


Briefingof needs

We work with you on a briefing of functional, aesthetic, temporal and budgetary needs, which will allow us to analyze the most appropriate solutions for your project.


Creative conceptand 3D design

Once the project idea is defined, we outline the creative concept and design the final piece or space in a 3D render, for easy visualization.



We work the cutting files and once validated, we take the piece to production, printing and cutting.


Assembly and recovery

We install your final parts wherever you need them and we make sure to recycle them to close the loop and ensure circularity.


Creativity has no limits thanks to the versatility, finishes and resistance of our materials.