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Our purpose is to accompany you in your sustainability strategy.

To understand your project and advise you on how to develop together the best solution, from the selection of materials and processes to create final products with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Northern Design's sustainability strategy is based on 5 areas of action: circularity, the use of renewable raw materials and low environmental impact materials from recycled and recyclable fibers, the choice of suppliers with shared values, the SDGs, taking into account those that best suit our activity and training, offering open training to our customers and suppliers.

Sustainability challenges

The way to reach our objectives in terms of sustainability.


Renewable raw materials

We distribute and use in our projects materials produced from cellulose fibersand other natural fibers in textile form, from renewable sources such as wood and cotton. These are low environmental impact materials made from recycled and recyclable fibers.


Shared values. Suppliers

Our suppliers are the DNA of our company, so we team up with those who are aligned with our values.


Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable consumption and production associated with the reduction of emissions are a current priority in the company, which is why we focus on SDG 12 and SDG 13.



The transmission of knowledge is fundamental to Northern Design, which is why we offer training services to accompany clients and brands on their path to sustainability.


We optimize all processes throughout the product life cycle, from the design phase to production and final management.


Consulting and training

Our team of consultants and experts will advise youto maximize the capabilities of our materials applied to your projects.

Our consulting service extends through all the work phases required by the project, from the choice of materials to the production and assembly of the final parts.



We translate your idea or creative concept to a 3D design, and then develop the cutting files and assembly instructions.

You will be able to produce your project anywhere in Spain or Europe independently or with help if necessary.



We connect you with the best printers in your area so that, either directly or through us, your project is ready when you need it.

Our network of partners prints, cuts and assembles your projects anywhere. Easily and without complications. Wherever you need it.


End to end

Northern Design is a connecting hub within the ecosystem of visual communication and ephemeral architecture.

We offer you an integral and personalized service guaranteeing the maximum performance of our materials, from the careful selection of our suppliers to the production of your final piece.

With our "turnkey" service we offer solutions to all your project needs, from design to assembly, where and when you decide.